Afriso Level Indicator – Unimes

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Afriso Level Indicator – Unimes

SKU: 11500


  • No power supply required
  • Reference pointer for easy consumption monitoring
  • Measured values are displayed in % liquid level
  • Mounting flexibility due to connection threads G1½ and G2
  • Materials resistant to biofuel and biodiesel with max. 100 % FAME

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For continuous level measurement in tanks containing fuel oil EL, diesel fuel, biodiesel and other low-viscosity media which do not attack materials of the indicator. For tank heights from 900 to 2,000 mm.


Universal mechanical level indicator with fully adjustable brass and nickel silver movement. The pointer deflection amounts to 280° at tank heights and diameters from at least 900 mm to 2,000 mm maximum. Indication in percentage of liquid level, litre scale can be retrofitted. With reference pointer for consumption monitoring.


Measuring Range (tank height): 0/900 to 0/2000 mm

Displayed Values: 0/100 % liquid level

Conection Thread: G1 1/2 and G2


Display: ABS, impact-resistant
Window: SAN
Float: PE-HD

Data Sheet

Afriso Level Indicators datasheet

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