Electric Paddle Switch Control Valve for Airbags

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Electric Paddle Switch Control Valve for Airbags



This valve is of electric and manual operation with spring to center function.

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These valves are suitable for controlling air suspension to go up and down also hold a position. They include a micro switch built-in which, when the switch is held up, will not only allow air to pass from the inlet to the air bag but can also signal a compressor to start for when a tank has not being used.

One switch is required per airbag and is a simple solution to air suspension control if you don’t want the expense and complexity of an electric control system. A compressor can be wired to start off the up signal delivering air on demand.

Fit into a lot of standard dash holes or can be mounted into a plate if required, dimensions in “Specifications” tab.

Additional information

Weight 0.047 kg
Dimensions 12.5 × 2.5 × 7.5 cm


Port size: brass bards for 1/4 J844 nylon (no clamp required)

Fluid application: pneumatic, suspension

Fluid medium: Air

Max. working pressure: 100 psi

Max. pressure: 150 psi

Material: high strength plastic housing, bronze mix internals

Mounting dimensions: 41mm high x 23mm wide x 30mm deep + connections (approx.)

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