Krautzberger Automatic Spray gun M 18

Krautzberger Automatic Spray gun M 18

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Automatic spray gun M 18

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• Compact design which still allows for spacious air ducts
• Head section produced in a single piece
• Stainless steel head section
• Also available with Krautzberger HVLP system
• New air distributor ring, for improved spray pattern
• Even easier to maintain thanks to fewer individual parts
• Also for fully automatic use (with separate flat and round jet air)
• Attachment of XLINE extensions possible (M 18v)
• Various jet types (round jet, flat jet, rotary jet, full-cone rotary jet, HVLP)
• Titanium grey, anodised main element, for easier cleaning

With XLINE nozzle system

• Air nozzle centring via a calotte
• 100% reproducible spray pattern
• Air nozzle fixation
• Colour-coded marking of the spray procedure
• Improved handling during nozzle alignment thanks to the “click system”
• Trapezoidal thread enables insertion and tightening in one movement

Technical data

• W/H/L: 47/60/119 mm
• Weight: approx. 545 g


HVLP System (High Volume Low Pressure) gave a lot of air volume with lower atomization pressure. It is suitable for small and large parts. It is a Low-spray system and also suitable for functional coating. You can reach a lot of material savings with the HVLP system depends on application and material.

Commonly Used for

• Spraying of PTFE coatings
• Automatic lines chain on edge

Additional information

Weight 0.545 kg
Dimensions 11.9 × 4.7 × 6.0 cm

Data Sheet


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