Krautzberger Automatic Spray gun Mikro 3

Krautzberger Automatic Spray gun Mikro 3

SKU: Mikro 3


The automatic spray gun Mikro 3 is extremely small and therefore suitable for use in highly confined spaces such as spraying systems (where Mikro 3 models can even be installed next to one another).

Please note this product is indent only and shipping from Germany is currently approx. 4-6 weeks from order date.

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The spray gun Mikro 3 is pneumatically controlled and is fitted with an internal preliminary air control. The control system is activated by a mechanical or electromechanical 3/2-way valve. When switching on, the compressed air-driven control piston first opens the atomising air valve and after that, the material nozzle of the gun. During switch-off, the material nozzle is closed, and then the atomising air valve. This control procedure ensures faster working and prevents material nozzle drip.

The main element, including the fluid head parts, is chemically nickel-plated. The material nozzles and needles are made of stainless steel as standard. Material feed is via gravity cup, delivery pump, gravity pressure container or material pressure feeding container.

Commonly Used for

  • Spraying of PTFE coatings
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