Mindman MJF Compressed Air Filter 1″ BSPT

Mindman MJF Compressed Air Filter 1″ BSPT



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From Mindman

Air filter engineering original imported top quality filter element 98% voids volume provides long life time with lowest operating cost. Pleated media provides far more filter surface, therefore more dirt holding capacity, lower diff. pressure and lower running cost compare to conventional wrapped element designs.

  • A. Filter media.
    AFE uses high performance borosilicate microfiber with 98% void volume. The pleated design assures the highest possible filtration area within the element geometry to provide low operating cost.
  • B. End cap.
    An O-ring sealed alumina end cap for the highest possible operating temperature together with tie rod construction provides highest possible security against pressure spikes in the compressed air system.
  • C. Stainless steel support sleeves.
    Inner and outer SS support sleeves for supporting the filter media, incl. a mechanical pre-separation.

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